Laugh It Up Fuzzball #22 - A Solar Orbit In Review

Welcome to Episode 22 of the podcast and another installment of my rambling about life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. 2016 is over and I thought it only fitting to do a quick review of geekery during the 4.543 billionth solar orbit. This is a shorter episode just to get my thoughts out before we kick off the entire goodness that will be Laugh It Up Fuzzball in 2017. Here's what you can find in this installment:

My Top 10 Geek List for Movies & Television
10) Berlantiverse: Flash/Supergirl/DCā€™s Legends of Tomorrow
9) Luke Cage
8) Preacher
7) Stranger Things
6) Game of Thrones Season 6
5) Daredevil Season 2
4) Deadpool
3) Westworld
2) Rogue One
1) Captain America: Civil War

There's also a quick review of other 2016 Movies and TV, six of the best video games from 2016, what we can look forward to for geek entertainment in 2017, and a review of 2016's comics that I enjoyed. Just a short episode to fulfill my promise to talk about the world of geekery once a week.

Congrats on completing Level 22... a quick fuzzy ramble all about 2016 and geek stuff. Let me know your thoughts about 2016. You can always drop a comment here or contact me on Twitter and Instagram (@wookieeriot). I'd love to hear from you. Also subscribe to the feed on iTunes, GooglePlay, Twitcher, PlayerFM or Podcast Addict (or whatever Android app you use) if you're not already doing so, or better yet, rate the episode. Ratings help others find the madness. Tell your friends, geekery is always better with others. You can also reach the show by e-mail,, or by joining on Facebook ( Thank YOU for being a part of this hilarity! I sincerely hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did recording it.

TTFN... Wookiee out!