Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 32) – It’s like… a geeky horror episode

So it seems the magic formula for getting an episode posted on time is doing semi-regular guest episodes. I'm really excited that this time I got the chance to record with my oldest kiddo all about horror movies. Welcome to Episode 32 of the podcast! This installment of geek talk is all about the horror genre that lots of folks geek out about. I can't think of a person close to me who is as in to the genre as my oldest fuzzy offspring so why not record an episode? There's all sorts of discussion about a ton of different movies... some short, some long. Here's some of what is mentioned in this installment:

Shaun of the Dead
Universal Monsters
Monster Squad
Green Inferno & Cannibal Holocaust
Saw Movies
Dead Alive
Zombies: Walking Dead, Zombieland, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and more
Horror TV: Supernatural and thoughts on American Horror Story
The Grudge & The Ring
Lights Out
Don’t Breathe
Killer Clowns From Outer Space & IT
Lake Placcid
Nightmare of Elm Street
Horror directors who are heading to do or already did Superhero movies
Horror Sequels
It Follows
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Hills Have Eyes
Old Horror Movies: Them!, The Blob, Children of the Damned, Children of the Corn
The Shining
The Babadook
The Sixth Sense
Blair Witch Project
The Birds
Silence of the Lambs
The Conjuring
Cabin in the Woods
Evil Dead
Ash vs. Evil Dead
Would You Rather
Sci-Fi Horror: Predator, Alien, Life, Event Horizon
American Werewolf in London
Dusk Til Dawn
Deathproof & Planet Terror
Get Out
The Belko Experiment
Battle Royale

To sum it all up. My kiddo loves horror movies and from talking over an hour with my lil boogs, it seems I do too. Congrats on completing Level 32... another fuzzy ramble about geek stuff. Special thanks to Kay for joining me. You can follow her on Instagram (@kloounheka). You can always drop a comment here or contact me on Twitter and Instagram (@wookieeriot). I'd love to hear from you. Also subscribe to the feed on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, PlayerFM or Podcast Addict (or whatever Android app you use) if you're not already doing so, or better yet, rate the episode. Ratings help others find the madness. Tell your friends, geekery is always better with peers as evidenced by this episode. You can also reach the show by e-mail,, or by joining on Facebook ( Thank YOU for being a part of this hilarity! I sincerely hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did recording it.

TTFN... Wookiee out!