Laugh It Up Fuzzball #115 – Dang it… now the catsups on my comics!

Breaking news listeners! The Wookiee finally got around to reading and actually recording about 100 comical booklets. Yes it was supposed to be a bonusode at one point and yes grad school is kicking my brain’s butt (yes brains have butts lol) but the long and short is an episode up later than I liked but content for y’all. Even better, my catch up from the summer is complete. Hopefully you enjoy hearing about a bunch of the glossy graphical goodness you could peep at for your enjoyment. Here’s all the comics in this level of the podcast:

The Flash issues 48 to 55
Doomsday Clock issues 6 & 7
Darth Vader issues 17 to 22 and Annual #2
Star Wars issues 49 to 55
Poe Dameron issues 28 to 31 and Annual #2
Star Wars: Beckett
Thrawn issues 5 & 6
Lando: Double or Nothing issues 2 to 5
Doctor Aphra issues 21 to 24 and Annual #2
Batman issues 46 to 57 plus Prelude to the Wedding part 1 to 5
The Man of Steel miniseries parts 1 to 6
Superman Issues 1 to 4
Action Comics side issues 1001 to 1003
Justice League issues 1 to 10
Heroes in Crisis issue 1
Earth’s Mightiest Heroes The Avengers issues 3 to 9
Original Sins issues 1 to 5
Jupiter Jet issues 1 to 5
Border Town issues 1 & 2

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TTFN… Wookiee out!