Laugh It Up Fuzzball #121 - News, TV, and me... glayvin!

Hey hey hey friends and fuzzballs!

Another week, another solo episode talking geeky news and TV. Hopefully life is going well for you and thankfully the show goes on amidst crunch time for school. Here’s what you can find in this installment of the show:

Let the Wookiee Win (Star Wars)
Nick Nolte joins impressive cast of The Mandalorian
Stephen Schiff named as showrunnner for the Cassian Andor series
Rumor of Rey and Rose teaming up in Episode IX
Reddit claims Episode IX will happen one year after The Last Jedi
Galaxy of Adventures - 15 shorts on YouTube’s Star Wars Kids channel

Flavor of the Geek
Captain Marvel trailer
Avengers Endgame trailer
Runaways Season 2 trailer
Daredevil Season 4 cancelled by Netflix
Live action 10 episode Cowboy Bebop show headed to Netflix
DC already developing an Aquaman sequel
Matthew Vaughan says Kingsman: The Great Game is a prequel plus casting news
Joe Russo on how Thanos almost narrated Infinity War
DC developing Blue Beetle & Zatanna movies
Tom Hanks as Gepetto in Pinocchio for Disney vs Del Toros Netflix version
Preacher is renewed at AMC for Season 4
Possible Batman: Court of Owls video game

Small Screen Star Wars Simpsons Sci-Fi Superhero Synopsis
The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 – Who Are You Are Now / Episode 7 – Stradivarius / Episode 8 – Evolution
The Gifted Season 2 Episode 8 – the dreaM / Episode 9 – game changer
The Flash Season 5 Episode 7 – O Come, All Ye Thankful / Episode 8 – What’s Past is Prologue
Arrow Season 7 Episode 7 – The Slabside Redemption / Episode 8 – Unmasked
Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7 – Rather the Fallen Angel / Episode 8 - Bunker Hill
Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 6 – Tender is the Nate / Episode 7 – Hell no, Dolly
Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 7 / Episode 8 – The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus
The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 8 – Krusty the Clown / Episode 9 – Daddicus Finch
Star Wars Resistance Episode 9 – The Platform Classic / Episode 10 – Secrets and Holograms

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