Laugh It Up Fuzzball #92 - That's exactly what Doug used to say..

Well hey there all you geeky Fuzzballs....

It's Friday and courtesy of finals week for my History BA and internet issues in the casa, I almost missed a week here on the podcast but fortunately, I was able to throw a hail mary and get some content up. No regular segments, just me rambling about some geek news I had pre-prepared. Hopefully this scratches your weekly itch for geekiness in your earholes and I'm hoping to be back next week with the regular show you've come to love. Here's the life, universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff for this week:

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely re: Avengers 4
Black Panther Shuri moment
Deadpool as superhero South Park per Chris Hardwick
Deadpool 2 videos with Celine Dione and David Beckham
Ryan Reynolds doesn’t think there will be a Deadpool 3, only X-Force movies
Marvel’s Black Widow movie has met with over 65 directing candidates
Isabela Moner from the latest Transformers movie cast as Dora the Explorer
Peter Jackson is reportedly weighing the options between DC & another Lord of the Rings
Joe Russo confirms fan soul stone theory for end of movie
James Gunn tweeted re: Groots in Infinity War
Thor: Ragnarok re-watch
DC Streaming Universe shows
Rumor of Jamie Foxx playing Spawn in the new Todd McFarlane remake
Behind the scenes pics show Captain Marvel fighting on top of a train in LA
Simon Kinberg says script for Gambit is ready/still deciding on who will be in X-Force film
The Russos hint at their excitement in bring the X-men and the Fantastic Four to the MCU
Netflix’s Luke Cage season 2 trailer
Bill & Ted Face the Music is officially in pre-production - full plot revealed by creators
Jack Black reports the Tenacious D movie is getting a sequel
Margie Robbie talks about R-rated Birds of Prey movie
The Russos confirm the trailer run towards camera group shot was made for the trailer
Kong Skull Islands’ Jordan Vogt-Roberts up for directing Gambit
Zack Snyder reveals the picture he took of Henry Cavill that got him Man of Steel
First trailer released for Shane Black's Predator reboot
Red band trailer Happytime Murders
Avengers: Infinity War setting more records in China & 'Murica
Annette Benning joining Captain Marvel
6 New Forces of Destiny Shorts
John Favreau revealed the timeline for his Star War television show
Early box office for Han Solo shows it potentially setting a Memorial Day record
Lucasfilm on Twitter to congratulate Marvel Studios for new box office record
Rumor of the Ewan MacGregor Obi Wan movie in 2020
June to bring a big announcement for DLC for Battlefront II
Chewbacca Lego video

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