Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 151) - Far From Home

Well Howdy! How are all you Night Monkeys?

Ok… that’s a vague reference to Spider-Man: Far From Home but thankfully not a real spoiler. What’s also not a spoiler is Danny the Deuce and I going to see that movie and then having a chat about it. We’re also joined by a returning guest, the other Joseph, who talks more this time. While I had the captive attention of two of my geeky buddies, we also chatted some news. Here’s the list of geekery for this level of the podcast:

Spider-Man: Far From Home non-spoiler review
Jessica Jones Season 3 non-spoiler review
Agents of SHIELD Season 6  Episodes 1 to 7
Batman getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
DC ends Vertigo imprint with after 26 years
Wizards Unite game
JJ Abrams and his son Henry team up to do a Spider-Man comic book miniseries
Avengers: Endgame is now in theaters with new footage
Thoughts on the Endgame vs Avatar box offices
Umbrella Academy Season 2 is in production
Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion Song is getting a movie with Universal
New director and writer for The Flash movie
Walking Dead comic to end with issue 193
Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai animated series
First look images for Netflix’s The Witcher series
All-star cast announced for The Stand 10 episode miniseries
Paul Rudd to join 2020 Ghostbusters movie
James Wan to adapt Salem’s Lot in keeping with original novel
The Simpsons panel at D23
Marvel announces one act play for high school performances
Harry Potter shoes at Vans
Elizabeth Hurley joins Runaways Season 3 as Morgan le Fay
Michael B Jordan & the Wachowski siblings in Matrix reboot
Taika Waititi doing Flash Gordon animated for Sony
Game of Thrones at SDCC
Chloe Grace Moretz being eyed as Catwoman
Kevin Feige reminds fans that Spider-man: Far From Home is the end of phase 3
Black Widow news: Ray Winstone / Taskmaster / Yelena Belova
Red Sonja has a lady director.. Jill Soloway
Amy Pascal says Into the Spider-verse sequel will tie into tv shows in development
Joker movie might be hitting the festival circuit
Keri Russell said she cried the first time she read the Episode IX script
Mark Hamill’s playful comments that he is only coming back as a force ghost
Daisy Ridley confirming that she will not be in the next trilogy of Star Wars films
The Rise of Skywalker translations around the world
Gina Carano says that Jon Favreau is incredibly inspiring.
Excitement about Snoke stand-alone comic
Rumor of Dave Bautista as Darth Bane in Star Wars series
Anger at fans stealing things from Galaxy’s Edge plus the creatures you can “eat”
Jedi Fallen Order makes record for pre-orders for EA

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