Laugh It Up Fuzzball #53 - It has been a year..

Well friends... the title says it all. One year of podcasting and what a year it was. I thought of different ways to kick off the second year of the show and finally decided on just ruminating on some of my favorite episodes from the 59 that popped up however the heck you listen to this madness. So much life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. A one hundred dollar experiment that somehow traversed the world of geekdom to being a really fun way for me to get my inner geek (and the geeks of some great people) out into the universe for others to enjoy. Welcome to Level 53... the first of a whole new year. New year... same Wookiee.

So... this all starts with me just talking about the show and the last year. Somehow my list of favorites was actually ten and while this is not another Top 10... there's ten solid episodes I recommend for anyone new to the show. As promised, here's the list:

11 - Shaun Talks Geek Movies
15 - Cuidado Piso Mojado, Spoilers & Hot Coffee
21 - Hey Kids, Comics!
22 - A Solar Orbit In Review
25 - We are one with the Force and the Force is with us
32 – It’s like… a geeky horror episode
33 - Disney and the Fuzzy Beast
Bonusode #2 - Wonder Woman NS Review
46 - 4 Tangentleman… Top 5 video games… one good time
52 – One Year Fuzztacular Top 10 with Danny & Blue

I think this is a great bunch of episodes to recommend to anyone finding the podcast or a good grouping if you wanted to go back and re-listen to any of them. I enjoy the heck out of every recording but these shine above the rest of them. No surprise, 8 out of 10 are guest episodes.

The podcast also includes a couple movie reviews with Blue for Ghost in the Shell (2017) and Captain America: Civil War. Blue and I also tossed in one superhero each that we wished we had remembered to put in out Top 10. Apologies to Blue Marvel and Beast for our omissions.

It all ends with a long non-spoiler (or as close as I could get) review for the new Dark Tower movie. Not a rant but let's just say there's a certain parental tone to my thoughts.

Overall though... I said it best at the end while bouncing back and forth on the space-time continuum in this episode. It has been a year and what a year it was. I'm so excited for all the hilarity and geekery that this year will bring. Lots of thoughts form me about the show and some stuff that I'm hoping for as far as content goes. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I do putting it out into the world for auditory consumption. This is a good start to whatever may come my way. Congrats on completing Level 53 of the podcast. Feel free to drop a comment here or contact me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@wookieeriot). I'd love to hear from you. Also subscribe to the feed on iTunes, GooglePlay, Twitcher, PlayerFM or Podcast Addict (or whatever Android app you use) if you're not already doing so. Better yet, rate the episode. Ratings help others find the madness. Tell your friends, geekery is always better with peers. You can also reach the show by e-mail,, or by joining on Facebook ( There's also a Laugh It Up Fuzzballs group page on Facebook you can request to join if you like ( Thank YOU for being a part of this hilarity and thanks for stopping by you classy folks you. Be excellent to each other, party on dudes, and may the Force be with us all.

TTFN... Wookiee out!

Laugh It Up Fuzzball #2 - Imaginativity... Definitely a Podcast

Well, two weeks in and I'm still at it having the time of my life (minus the editing process, that sucks). It's the second podcast from yours truly, Joe "The Wookiee" Riot. Here's what you can find in this installment of my (at least) weekly rambles brought to you by imaginativity.

Flavor of the Geek
Movies – Deadpool/Batman v Superman/Captain America: Civil War/X-Men Apocalypse/Dr. Strange/Kubo & the Two Strings/Fantastic Beasts
TV - Stranger Things/The Flash Season 3
Netflix - Justice League Flashpoint Paradox

In The Stacks
Civil War II Issues 0-4
Flash Rebirth thru Issue 4
Titans Rebirth thru Issue 1

Kwyjibo Corner (Simpsons)
2016 TSTO SciFi Event
Stephen Hawking

Let the Wookiee Win (Star Wars)
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens
Rogue One Trailer
John Williams composing Episode 8
RIP Kenny Baker

Fuzzy Thoughts
Favorite DC and Marvel characters of me and my kiddos
Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and representation

Punch It Chewie! (rant corner)
Joker & Harley Quinn costumes this Halloween

So there you go... a longer ramble on some geek stuff by the resident walking carpet/fuzzball. Definitely a podcast where I ramble on about geek stuff that interests me. Got something for the next one, drop a comment or hit me up on all the social media listed on the about the podcast page. I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it.

TTFN... Wookiee out!