Laugh It Up Fuzzball #49 – All work and no play makes Wookiee something something

Hey hey friends. It's been a wild six weeks in the summer of guests but it was time to do a solo episode again with some of the regular segments you are used to. Of course, then the only time I found to record was early in the morning while my brain was short circuited from a long day of work so prepare yourself for sultry and tired Wookiee chill-casting. No worries though... Wookiee 5 is alive and here's one of the shortest episodes in a long time that's still chock full of life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. Welcome to Level 49! Here's what you can find in this installment:

Flavor of the Geek
Disney’s Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge & Marvel expansion announcement at D23
Castlevania Episode 1 on Netflix
Preacher Season 2 Episode 1 – On the Road / Episode 2 – Mumbai Sky Tower / Episode 3 – Damsels / Episode 4 – Viktor
Game of Thrones Season 7 starts tonight

In the Stacks
Wolverine: Origin
Forever Evil
Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion Issue 1 to 6

Kwyjibo Corner
Quick thoughts on recent events in The Simpsons Tapped Out

Let the Wookiee Win
Forces of Destiny: The Padawan Path / Ghosts of Echo Base / The Imposter Inside / Bounty of Trouble / The Stranger
Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

Non-spoiler Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Fuzzy Thoughts
Superpower and villain threads from Laugh It Up Fuzzballs page on Facebook

Despite some sleepy-brained rambling, this was a fun episode. Almost like a late night audio diary of some of the geeky stuff in my life. The title says it all. Congrats on completing Level 49 of the podcast. Feel free to drop a comment here or contact me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@wookieeriot). I'd love to hear from you. Also subscribe to the feed on iTunes, GooglePlay, Twitcher, PlayerFM or Podcast Addict (or whatever Android app you use) if you're not already doing so. Better yet, rate the episode. Ratings help others find the madness. Tell your friends, geekery is always better with peers. You can also reach the show by e-mail,, or by joining on Facebook ( There's also a Laugh It Up Fuzzballs group page on Facebook you can request to join if you like ( Thank YOU for being a part of this hilarity! I sincerely hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did recording it.

TTFN... Wookiee out!