Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 54) - Late Night with the Fuzzballs

Well friends... I wondered how to kick off the first real episode of the New Year/Same Old Wookiee and couldn't decide if it was with a classic format or guests. Of course, then I realized I have a jam packed weekend with stuff for the blog I write for ( and I needed to record early and the opportunity presented itself to record with Blue and the Purple Man. Fair warning, this is us after midnight with a need for sleep so it's delirious and hilarious. While it is all sorts of random, it certainly is the usual life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff you've come to expect. Basically unscripted geeky awesomeness between friends. Welcome to Level 54! Here's what you can find in this installment:

Sci-fi movies that could be rebooted
Purple Man’s Marvel Unlimited picks: Moon Knight / Dr. Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme
Benjamin Franklin & Ernest Hemingway in Marvel Comics
Playing Borderlands with Blue
Brief discussion of games we play: League of Legends / Overwatch / Depth / Summoners War / The Simpsons Tapped Out / Disney Kingdoms / Disney Emoji Blitz / Puzzle Fighter
Agents of Shield Season 5 info
Geoff Johns confirmation that The Rock is not in Shazam
Revolto the Clown from Wolverine & the X-Men Vol 1 #21-22
Disney removing content from Netflix to start a streaming service in 2019
Rumor of the real reason for Justice League reshoots
Discussion of Venom, Black Cat, and Silver Sable movies with no Spider-Man
Some thoughts about the Death of Robin and intro of Lobo in the DCEU
Non-spoiler thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episodes 1 to 5
Outlaw Star back on TV, Runaways TV Show info, and Purple Man decides to read Runaways as well as Cloak & Dagger
Our favorite dinosaurs
Thoughts on tragic deaths for stunt people
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Inferno video
Tattoos, art by Junior Gray & Blue plus Superman Umbrella hats
4 years of blogging, a meet-up on Saturday, and the Homerpalooza Event for The Simpsons Tapped Out
Gwen Stacey Venom

Congrats on completing Level 54 of the podcast. Another great addition to the summer of guests but I always enjoy spending time with friends talking about the geek stuff we all love. Special thanks to Blue (@bluewolfd) and Purple Man (@kingbeatfreak or for joining me. Feel free to drop a comment here or contact me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@wookieeriot). I'd love to hear from you. Also subscribe to the feed on iTunes, GooglePlay, Twitcher, PlayerFM or Podcast Addict (or whatever Android app you use) if you're not already doing so. Better yet, rate the episode. Ratings help others find the madness. Tell your friends, geekery is always better with peers. You can also reach the show by e-mail,, or by joining on Facebook ( There's also a Laugh It Up Fuzzballs group page on Facebook you can request to join if you like ( Thank YOU for being a part of this hilarity and thanks for stopping by you classy folks you. Be excellent to each other, party on dudes, and may the Force be with us all.

TTFN... Wookiee out!