Laugh It Up Fuzzball #3 - Fuzzy Hominids... So Enjoyable

Woohoo! Three weeks and I'm still rolling with this amazing way to get my voice out there in the Geek Universe. I present the third podcast from yours truly, Joe "The Wookiee" Riot. Here's what you can find in this installment of my (at least) weekly rambles brought to you by a surprise guest... the Mad Russian. Don't worry, that will make much more sense if you make it to the end of this round of madness.

Flavor of the Geek
Miss Marvel aka Captain Marvel
New costume for Pennywise the Clown - Stephen King’s IT miniseries & novel
Bladerunner – classic movie/new sequel/Philip K. Dick story
Planet of the Apes – classics/Burton/new movies

Kwyjibo Corner (Simpsons)
2016 TSTO SciFI Event
Simpsons episodes about the future

In The Stacks
Aquaman Rebirth thru Issue 4
Green Arrow Rebirth thru Issue 1
C-3PO standalone comic
Han Solo Issue 1 & 2

Let the Wookiee Win (Star Wars)
Han Solo standalone movie – Lando Calrissian/Donald Glover/Sana Starros
Star Wars Land at Disney World and Disneyland

Fuzzy Thoughts
Stephen King
The Dark Tower – movie/comics

Punch It Chewie! (rant corner)
Hipster Geeks
Guest appearance by the Mad Russian

So there you go... another fuzzy ramble about geek stuff by the resident walking carpet/fuzzball. Doing this is definitely soooooo enjoyable lol. Got something for the next one? Drop a comment (I finally figured out how to enable those) or hit me up on all the social media listed on the about the podcast page. I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it.

TTFN... Wookiee out!